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ePO DateEPO IDPayment idPayment RequesterCredit A/C IFSCReceiver AccountAmountPayment ReceiverPayment TypeComponentSub ComponentePO Created By
06/07/202269347093365Itarsi Ramvriddh kalyan jan samitiPSIB000033703371000024649 81694Itarsi Ramvriddh kalyan jan samiti [NGOs]NAOld age homeManagement of old age home DDSJ HOSHANGABAD
06/07/202269346993364DDP SDLCBIN02821333180084460 25320MOHAMMAD TASKEEM KHAN [Staff - Office]NAExpenditure as per Rule 11 of Nirashit NidhiManagement expenditure DDSJ SHAHDOL
06/07/202269346893363district disability rehabilitation center bhindSBIN000146431902289305 16000Arun sharma [Staff - Agency]NADistrict Disability Rehabilitation CentreSalaryDDSJ BHIND
05/07/202269346793362District Disablety Rehabilitation Center DistrictSBIN000281733838212103 7000Rajkumar Prajapati [Peon]NADistrict Disability Rehabilitation CentreSalaryDDSJ KATNI
05/07/202269346793361District Disablety Rehabilitation Center DistrictUBIN0574546383702011004723 8000DEEPESH RAO [Staff - Office]NADistrict Disability Rehabilitation CentreSalaryDDSJ KATNI
05/07/202269346793360District Disablety Rehabilitation Center DistrictSBIN000467130522378623 12000Sharad Soni [Clerk]NADistrict Disability Rehabilitation CentreSalaryDDSJ KATNI
05/07/202269346793359District Disablety Rehabilitation Center DistrictSBIN001217433278323384 14000ANAND PATEL [Mobility Instructor]NADistrict Disability Rehabilitation CentreSalaryDDSJ KATNI
05/07/202269346793358District Disablety Rehabilitation Center DistrictSBIN000625531804644169 16000Shashi kant Tiwari [Ear Mould Technician]NADistrict Disability Rehabilitation CentreSalaryDDSJ KATNI
05/07/202269346793357District Disablety Rehabilitation Center DistrictPUNB03237003237001500023927 16000SHYAM SUNDER MORE [Special Teacher Mental Retardation]NADistrict Disability Rehabilitation CentreSalaryDDSJ KATNI
05/07/202269346793356District Disablety Rehabilitation Center DistrictSBIN000284533607157915 20000Umesh Kumar Patel [Staff - Office]NADistrict Disability Rehabilitation CentreSalaryDDSJ KATNI
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